Black Pearls and Otherwise

Black Pearls and Otherwise


A poem inspired by my uncle(s):

The dam gives
and Black Pearls
come rolling down

All the rangers watch
They wish it were otherwise

Some pulses go
To lay down, and quiet

Some pulses flee
To find trumpets or drums

I’ll watch the hawk
with green eyes
I’ll watch the treetop
The land of otherwise

What will desires
The heart and world defies
Deaf, mute, dull
We wish it were otherwise

Fog unfolds, rolling through
Relaying the red light
The earth attracts the tops
The dam’s broken, borders die

A man raises his arm
as high as he can
“We are on the sphere
Its edges don’t tell us
of our connectedness”

I had no choice
but to watch pearls unfurl
to watch otherwise dissipate
To sit and to guess
To relent and to reach
for the pearls, and make them mine

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