Photo 888Melanie Falconer grew up in the vibrant Bay Area, California. She’s spent the majority of her leisure time at coffee shops either doodling, being melancholy, eating old lasagna, writing, reflecting, and the ilk. She likes to take epic selfies such as the one you see to the left of this paragraph. It really looks like she’s staring into your soul to unearth some secret of yours. Or maybe you have some sauce on your eyebrow. She doesn’t know.

She has a B.A. in Language Studies from UC Santa Cruz which involved taking rigorous courses in linguistics, Spanish, and history. She’s currently a freelance writer and editor with a wide range of experience behind her. She’s worked alongside John Cox to develop his critically acclaimed play, The Money Fishand promote via social media and press releases. She’s also done copy-writing for companies looking to optimize their search engine results on Google, refining content so their blogs have nothing but the finest, most informative and Google-worthy articles.

Her personal projects include writing a script about her life growing up with an alcoholic mother and schizophrenic father and making sure her messages are received here at the Falcon Post. She also loves to draw and perform.

If you would like to reach her, she does enjoy human contact.