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"The Backlight"

The Backlight

When I give you the backlight
You stop, stumble, starryblind
I push on beyond the blurred lines
Hoping that these mirrors are spinning lies

When you ask me if I have the heart
I stop and stare and flick the dart
The demons rolling down the road
Those angels only look the part

The heat is breaking my skin
My seared eyes, I’m living in
Oh daddy, help me survive
Help me, my breath is caving in

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Neo Solis

Neo Solis

The neo solis rose—

He was just fourteen

Flat lawns, flat people
One violet, one steeple
A bowed head, ruddy veins
The dust rolling down
Their winded window panes

Oh! Forgo this sunset—
It was blessed by the cursed
He’s seen the neo solis
He’s seen Moroni at its worst