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Sirens and the Meadow

Sirens and the Meadow

The meadow burns; the sirens blare
Does it matter what we fed the fire
When ashes lay in shame

And if you had listened closely
The silence of my pulse
Never asked for you
Never asked for me

Hot Beams, Tear me Apart

Watch his finger strike lightning
Watch the pink dust kick from his feet
The crowds a sea—but I want an eye on me
Blasts, faint hearts
What will it take, father to tear me apart?

Sweep Ruptures

Sweet Ruptures

Living in a lack of want
Every part of you is perfect —
The gods are smiling
But the electricity is gone

All around is sand —
Strangled by the hourglass
We make our way down
As time makes us

Below in the Great Valley

Below in the Great Valley

Where is my little life
Below in the great valley
I looked for a home
Never returning anywhere

They all went out to discover
So discover; that they did
Milky way reflected in a dust floor
Must be why its lost some luster

Wetland Abandon

Wetland Abandon

The lungs of the bog
The fire in the forest
Low hanging weep-ends
Must is in the air

A life may begin in the ocean’s deep
And be swallowed beneath a confusion
Of fireflies and a night sky
In this wetland abandon